Rectifying the heart with the Qur'aan – Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadee [Video|Ar-En Subtitles]

Translation and Video Courtesy: Yāsīn Abū Ibrāhīm

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[1] The means that were mentioned by the Shaykh are the following:

Firstly: reciting the Qur’aan.

Secondly: reading the Sunnah of the Prophet – sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam – and his Seerah.

Thirdly: reading the reports of the Companions and the righteous people, and their biographies.

Fourthly: reading the books of admonitions which remind the person. For verily, they are like the lashes which wake up the person, they hit a person in the heart so that he wakes up and becomes alert.

Fifthly: accompanying the righteous people.

Sixthly: staying away from accompanying the evil people from the people of desires, innovations, sins and wickedness.

Seventhly: it is upon him to always perform du’aa.


Khutbah – Benefits & Lessons from The Story of the People of the Cave (Sooratul-Kahf) – Aboo Sufyaan 'Uthmaan Beecher

Jumu’ah Khutbah delivered to Muslims working @ Camp Buehring, Kuwait by Aboo Sufyaan ‘Uthmaan Beecher – 28 Feb 2014

Listen / Download Mp3 Here (Time 28:33)

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Swearing by the Qur'an – Shaykh Muhammad al-Imam [Video|Ar-En Subtitles]


“What is the ruling in Islaam for those who swear by the Qur’an?”

Shaykh Muhammad al-Imam (حفظه الله):

“It is permissible to swear by the Noble Qur’an with the majority of the people of knowledge, because the Qur’an is the Speech of Allah and the Speech of Allah is an attribute from the attributes of Allah.

Some of the Salaf disliked swearing by the Noble Qur’an, however it is permissible, although it is more virtuous to swear by Allah from the Attributes of Allah (عز و جل‎). As the Messenger (صلى الله عليه و سلم) said: ‘By the One in who’s hand is my soul (i.e. Allah عز و جل‎).’ This is better and more appropriate.”

Translated by Abu Mohamed Abd Kareem Hagedorn

Video Courtesy: DawahSalafiyaah @WegderSalaf

Tafseer Ayatul Kursi – by Shaykh Saalih Fawzan [Audio|Ar-En]

Listen / Download Mp3 Here (Time 21:34)

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Ramadhaan: Month of The Quran – Mustafa George [Audio|Eng]

Listen / Download Mp3 Here (Time 58:26)

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The Effects of the Qur‘aan in Curing the Diseases of the Heart – Umar Quinn [Audio|Eng]

Philadelphia Ramadan Conference – July 2013CE

Listen / Download Mp3 Here (Time 49:44)

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Is it from the Sunnah to to stop all classes during Ramadan – by Shaykh Al Albani [Video|Ar-En Subtitles]

Shaykh Muhammad Nasiruddin al-Albaani (raheemahuallaah)
Translated by Rasheed ibn Estes Barbee

Presented to you by Markaz Tawheed was-Sunnah in Durham, NC

Video Courtesy: Eesa ibn Roy

[Q/A] Should I read the tafsir or just read Qur'an? Shaykh Ahmed al-Najmee [Audio|Ar-En]

Listen/Download Mp3 Here (Time 2:52)

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The Prohibition of hanging verses from the Quran and taking it as Calligraphy – Shaykh Al-Uthaymeen [Video|Ar-En Subtitles]

Shaykh Muhammad ibn Saalih Al-Uthaymeen (raheemahuallaah)
Translated by Rasheed Barbee

Presented to you by Markaz Tawheed was-Sunnah in Durham, NC

Video Courtesy: Eesa ibn Roy

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Khutbah: Soorah al-Kaafiroon is a Declaration of Freedom from Shirk – Aboo Sufyaan Uthmaan Beecher [Audio|En]

Khutbah: Soorah al-Kaafiroon
May 10, 2013 – Camp Buehring, Kuwait
Aboo Sufyaan Uthmaan Beecher

Listen /Download Mp3 Here (Time 29:04)

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Aboo Sufyaan ‘Uthmaan Beecher – Noor al-Furqaan Publications
Fintas, Kuwait ·

The Declaration of Innocence from Shirk 

This Surah is the Surah of disavowal from the deeds of the idolators. It commands a complete disavowal of that. Allah’s statement, (Say: “O disbelievers!”) includes every disbeliever on the face of the earth, however, this statement is particularly directed towards the disbelievers of the Quraysh. It has been said that in their ignorance they invited the Messenger of Allah to worship their idols for a year and they would (in turn) worship his God for a year. Therefore, Allah revealed this Surah.

Source : Tafsir Ibn Kathir

Reciting Sooratul-Kaafiroon When Going To Bed

Imaam Aboo Daawood -rahimahullaah- reported in his “Sunan‟[The Book of Manners: Chapter (107) What should be said at the time of sleep] (no. 5055):

“an-Nufaylee narrated to us: Zuhayr narrated to us: Aboo Ishaaq narrated to us: from Farwah ibn Nawfal: from his father: that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said << Read Soorah Kaafiroon then sleep upon its conclusion, because it is a declaration of freedom from shirk >>.”

– Declared “Saheeh” by Shaikh al-Albaanee.
– Also reported by Imaam at-Tirmidhee (no.3403).

[Translated by Aboo Talhah Daawood ibn Ronald Burbank]

The Easiest way to memorize the Noble Quran – Sound advice from Shaykh bin Baaz [Text Video|En]

Video By Eesa Ibn Roy

How to strengthen eemaan – Shaykh Saalih Al-Fawzaan [Video|Ar-En]

Uploaded by ahlulsunnahwaljammah

The Creation of Jesus, his Birth and the First Miracle [Video|Ar-En]

Uploaded by ahlulsunnahwaljammah


~ Learn the Qur'an – Shaykh Hasan ibn Abdul Wahhab Marzooq al-Banna [Audio|Ar-En]

Learn the Qur’an
Shaykh Hasan ibn Abdul Wahhab Marzooq al-Banna

Learn the Quran by SalafiEvents

The Quran guides to that which is best, it gives glad tidings to the believers who do righteous deeds; will have a tremendous reward. We should be very diligent in reading the Quran and listening to the Quran.

Lecture by Shaykh Hassan Al-Banna from UK Tour Series 2012 (Arabic & English)

Listen / Download Mp3 Here or Here (Time 51:23)

Source : Taken from with Permission

~ Points of Contemplation from The Book of Allaah – Shaykh 'Ali at-Tuwayjari [Audio|Ar-En]

Points of Contemplation from The Book of Allaah - Shaykh 'Ali at-Tuwayjari

Bismillaah wa -Alhamdulillaah wa Salaatu wa Salaam ‘alaa Rasulillaah ‘amma ba’d

On Sunday 10th June, 2012, The Noble Shaykh Dr. ‘Ali at-Tuwayjari (May Allaah Preserve Him), professor of tafseer at the university of Madinah, K.S.A., and from the well known scholars of Saudi Arabia delivered a LIVE Tele-Lecture with Muwahhideen Publications highlighting some points to reflect upon in the noble book of Allaah.

This lecture event was translated LIVE into English.

Listen / Download Mp3 Here or Here (Time 44:18)

The Shaykh organized this beautiful reminder according to 3 noble merits of the Qur’aan:

  • The virtue of its recitation. Here, he appealed to the Muslimoon to sectionize the Qur’aan into portions and allot a fraction of each day to the recitation of these portions, bit by bit, so much so, as taught in the hadeeth of ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Amr, that one should not allow 40 days to pass without reciting and reflecting on the entire book.
  • The virtue of it as a cure. Here, the Shaykh discussed the healing benefits of the Qur’aan for those experiencing illness, pain, fear and even whisperings of the shaytaan. He emphasized the blessings of Suraat-ul-Baqarah and enlisted 3 ways from the Sunnah, whereby one can perform this ruqayyah.
  • The Virtue of Teaching it. Here, the Shaykh encouraged the muslimoon to learn the Qur’aan and to teach it, showing the loftiness of such an act.

This is merely a summary of the points of contemplation mentioned by our Shaykh Dr. ‘Ali ibn Razi at-Tuwayjari (hafidhahullaah) in this highly beneficial reminder.

Wa Billaahi Tawfeeq

Wa SallAllaahu wa Sallaama wa Barak ‘alaa Nabiyanna Muhammad wa ‘alaa ‘Alyhi wa Sahbyhi wa Sallam

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